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Dachshunds are loyal and affectionate.  They are great with children and other dogs.  They crave human attention and need to feel part of the family. Doxies love to travel and make excellent travelling buddies, yet they are lap dogs elite!
What is PRA?   

I'm glad you asked!   PRA is short for Progressive Retinal Atrophy....a big word that means "gradual blindness".   The industry now has a genetic marker for this disease.  We test each of our breeding males and females.  Some breeders do not take the time to find out the status of their breeding stock, and continue to breed this into our beloved dachshund bloodlines.     

Here at Bright Creek Critters, we know the PRA status on each dog and will gladly share that information with you.  

We feel it is our responsiblilty, since we have the genetic tests available to breed this disease "out" of our puppies and we simply try not breed carriers to affected dogs!   Please note though, that on occasion it may be necessary to breed two affected dogs to achieve a "short term" goal, to achieve the overall long term goal.   This problem, just like any other genetic defect, cannot be corrected in a season.  It takes years to maintain all the factors.   If PRA is a issue you feel strongly about, please take the time to discuss it with us.

We Check All our Breeding Males and Females for PRA!
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               Pups are $900.00 each with limited AKC registration.
​                All pups are microchipped free of charge.


Inspected by the American Kennel Club 
                      July 2018 
                 100% Compliant 

As a breeder, uniformity is a BIG deal.   This litter
hit a home run in consistency.   Look for Buttercup
in the show ring.   

Cedric a longhaired shaded red male, on hold for Jane.
Sophia the First, a black/tan longhaired female going home with Lara to Tuscaloosa.

Balleywick, a black/tan longhaired male

King Roland, a black/tan longhaired male 
Going home to Texas.

Many people feel that an AKC Conformation Dog Show is a "Beauty Contest for Dogs".   In one sense of the word it is....but there is more.   A conformation show is a professional evaluation by an authorized, informed judge of you breeding stock.

Breeders who do not attend conformation events with their dogs really only have their own opinion to confer with when mating two dogs.   Most of us breeders become "kennel blind" if left to our own devices, just because we fall in love with our dogs, just like you do yours.

In order to do the dachshund breed justice, I must constantly evaluate my breeding stock against the written standard.   Otherwise a dachshund would eventually not look like a dachshund anymore. 
Francis on a lazy summer day!
Ripley, a red smooth dapple male, whose new name is Theo, going home with Jeff and Yvette.
Ian, a red smooth male going home with Claudia
I forgot to take a picture!  Thanks for sending one!
Enjoy your Finn!

Thurston Howell, III  -- Now Neville with his 
home gang.....yes, they have matching jammies!

The Scottish Tartan Litter
           Male Smooth Red, Duncan
 Matt, Dunbar and Lynne on their way home to Memphis area.   
    Male Smooth Red, Cranston
Male Smooth Red, Sinclair
Going home with Karen!
Red Smooth Female, Nova
Red Smooth Female, Miss Blue Bell
Handsome Daddy, CH James Bonde
Smiling "Jolene" a wonderful new mom
This litter has developed rather slowly but has turned out to be a wonderful, sweet litter of pups.   All are spoken for, just not picked out yet.   Keep checking for details.