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Dachshunds are loyal and affectionate.  They are great with children and other dogs.  They crave human attention and need to feel part of the family. Doxies love to travel and make excellent travelling buddies, yet they are lap dogs elite!
What is PRA?   

I'm glad you asked!   PRA is short for Progressive Retinal Atrophy....a big word that means "gradual blindness".   The industry now has a genetic marker for this disease.  We test each of our breeding males and females.  Some breeders do not take the time to find out the status of their breeding stock, and continue to breed this into our beloved dachshund bloodlines.     

Here at Bright Creek Critters, we know the PRA status on each dog and will gladly share that information with you.  

We feel it is our responsiblilty, since we have the genetic tests available to breed this disease "out" of our puppies and we simply try not breed carriers to affected dogs!   Please note though, that on occasion it may be necessary to breed two affected dogs to achieve a "short term" goal, to achieve the overall long term goal.   This problem, just like any other genetic defect, cannot be corrected in a season.  It takes years to maintain all the factors.   If PRA is a issue you feel strongly about, please take the time to discuss it with us.

We Check All our Breeding Males and Females for PRA!
All our puppies are sold with limited registration AKC paperwork.  Full registration is available depending on structure of dog and pedigree, but by private treaty only. 
Microchipping is available upon request.   
              Note:  Pups are $850.00 each with limited AKC registration.


Inspected by the American Kennel Club 
                 February 18, 2016
                 100% Compliant 

A special thanks to everyone on our waiting list for your patience.  Our passion of producing great conformed, well adjusted, healthy puppies is our life's greatest work, but it is not done without great thought to our breeding program of the future generations who will carry the mark of our decisions.

Many Thanks!

We have had a tremendous year of breeding pups.  The fall will be busy also, and we are making plans to retire a few girls.   


Paisley "Flower Power"  a very robust girl.
Introducing the "Mountain Men" Litter
    Tom, going home with Mary Francis and Paul
Eustace, is Shanna's new baby!
Marty a cinnamon red male going home with Russell.
Rich, a red dapple male going home with Trevor
Nancy, going home with Brad & Ashley!
The newest Champion at Bright Creek 
Champion James Bond!
Our latest puppy, by Coco Pebbles and Gordon.  Introducing Bright Creek's Uptown Girl aka "Billy".