Report Date: 05/28/2010

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Bada Bing Vinny

Name: Bada Bing Vinny
AKC #: HP236570/04 07-08 Breed/Variety: Dachshund
Birth Date: 12/05/2006 Sex: Male
Colors/Markings: Black & Cream
Breeder(s): Harold Rozell/Mrs. Joan Rozell

Bada Bing Vinny
HP236570/04 07-08
Black & Cream
AKC DNA #V510643
Hr's Rosco Where's The Bosco Ml
HP184312/03 03-07
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V527032
Marie's Cream Jakeson Ml
HP115616/02 03-06
AKC DNA #V382631
Water World
HM939021/01 07-01 (United Kingdom)
AKC DNA #V163108
Marielle Count Hussar
KCR U2576403U03
Albaney's Cream Hussar Of Shemby
Tanska Kreole Countess Marielle
KCR S4273201S04
Amethyst Peach
KCR V5075402V04
Twelvesrow Cream Whiskey
KCR U2043805U02
Shembys Cream Kaleidoscope
KCR Q2902608Q02
McKee's Inga ML
HP022003/01 11-03
Rose Farm's Schnickel Fritz
HM773672/01 04-00
AKC DNA #V71652
Rose Farm's The Dragon ML
HM557394/04 05-97
AKC DNA #V68735
CH Rose Farm's Smurfette ML
HM428477/02 04-95
Carlang Copper Silk ML
HM947604/01 05-02 (Brazil)
Red Sable
Foxfyre Brazilian Ambassador
HM572130/01 06-01
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V163109
Djeata Lucky At Carlang
CBKC rsa/8.016
Abigayle Rose
HP030888/01 06-04
Red Brindle
Rico Spot Luna
HM836501/04 08-00
Red Dapple
AKC DNA #V152667
Doxology Red Dazzler-MS
HM568088/02 04-96
AKC DNA #V126773
CH Merri-King Aladdin Doxology
HM450123/01 04-94
Add-Sim's Glory B Ms
HD794680 09-93
Perry's Princess Heidi Ms
HM674410/04 07-98
Black & Tan Dapple
Bright New Star Aladdin
HM468476/01 11-94
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V117587
Miss Speckled Lady Candy
HM423570/05 05-94
Blue & Tan Piebald
Rainbow's Red Rosebud
HM958642/01 03-03
V's Rustie Copper Von Snaps
HM906355/01 09-01
Chocolate & Tan Dapple
AKC DNA #V253661
Cocoa Puffs Luna
HM830076/02 09-00
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V176777
Rosa Bud Luna
HM838966/01 10-00
Chocolate & Tan Dapple
Beanie Baby IV
HM839790/05 12-00
Ec And Dh's J.J. Von Der Flecken
HM680386/03 02-98
Black & Tan Piebald
Dh's Dama Schornsteinfeger
HM705588/01 08-98
Black & Tan Dapple
Haagen-Dach Licorice Cream
HP058145/03 10-05
Black & Cream
Mercury Of Teckel Doki Jp
HP053092/01 10-03 (Japan)
AKC DNA #V301025
Adorian Of K.S. Dog Jp
JKC DHM-3215997
Elks Top JP Reat Fine ML
JKC DHM-12487/95
Nelson Of Cannon Ball Kyoto JP
JKC DHM-07551/94
Elks Top JP Excit Honey ML
JKC DHM-08061/93
Bestla Of Aihime The Beginning JP
JKC DHM-03286/97
Top Banana JP Dragon Strike
JKC DHM-18117/94
Graedon Freckle Face
JKC DHM-14245/94-0
Karlfried Jp Kindly Tiara
JKC DHM-18844/01
Karlfried Jp Stanley Jubilant
JKC 41617/99
Anthony King Of Happy Nice
JKC DHM-13858/97
Karlfried Jp Ophelia Shining
JKC DHM-21303/97
Karlfried Jp Kindly Tifa
JKC DHM-14185/99
Adorian Of K.S. Dog JP
JKC DHM-32159/97
Karlfried Jp Raffia Saul
JKC DHM-29064/97
Delldach's Lite As Feathers MLS
HM951576/02 01-03
Cream Sable
Delldach's Black Mando Majic ML
HM866097/01 06-01
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V200564
Sir Daxy Of Dallas
HM774317/01 11-98 (United Kingdom)
Creme Demence
KCR Q5337301Q04
Daxbry Sunrise
Delldach's Lacey Latigo Ms
HM788260/03 02-00
Black & Tan
Delldach's Pie'd Klondike MSP
HM718472/02 12-98
Black & Tan Piebald
AKC DNA #V127902
Delldach's Spunky Rojo ML
HM747287/02 12-98
Delldach's Spunky Rojo ML
HM747287/02 12-98
CH Merri-King Patent Pending ML
HM501563/01 05-95
CH Merri-King Aladdin Doxology
HM450123/01 04-94
HM427853/01 04-94
Newberry's Copper Penny ML
HM636628/02 04-98
Red Piebald
Luvdach's Piebald Pied Piper Ms
HM591040/02 07-96
Black & Tan Piebald
Luvachs Miss Spotted Sock Ms
HM573784/03 07-96
Black & Tan Piebald

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