Pups, Owners and
             Happy Endings
It makes us smile here at Bright Creek when we release a puppy to a family that we KNOW will love and take care of their pet.    Even though we show our pups and, yes, with every litter we have some who won't become champions, we rest easy when we know that a family has purchased the BEST dachshund that we have produced at Bright Creek, to date.

This page is devoted to our Happy Owners and Happy Dogs that entertain their lives!   

Send us your pics and we'll post them for the world to see our very own ......

   Happy Endings!
The Broussard's and Gizmo!
Ella on the sailboat!
Carmello and his new friend!
Sgt. Pepper Braving the Cold of Winter in Texas 2011
Brave boy, isn't he?
Elanor and her buddy "Rhoda"!
Jim and Sarah with their new baby girl!
Will and Avery gave Blondie a wonderful home.   Retirement is good!

We are so happy that Bella and Beau stopped by for a visit this weekend.   They are so loved by their families!   We love these types of owners!   You go guys!
Julius and Aubrey!
"Magic" aka Murphy going home with Steven!
Cricket, Cerese and WC!
Charles & Karen with their new baby!
The Darling's with Gabby!

Katlin and Cody with 
Brandi, David and Family!
Anne & Husband with their Valentine Present!

Mimi and the grandkids!

Brenda and Rosie
Elizabeth and Bobita with Han Solo