Gone But Not Forgotten !
2008 was a bittersweet year for Bright Creek Stables.  We became Bright Creek Critters and purchased some of the finest doxies we could gather from all over the U.S.A..   However, with all those new puppies to love at Bright Creek, our own beloved Arlo Gutherie was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Three months later our second in command  Beauregard was also diagnosis with cancer.   Both dogs were in their teens and were our "babies" since our own children were grown.    We were happy to have all the new pups, but sad to see two of our long time friends go.......they taught us so much.

Here's to Arlo and Bo....Gone But Not Forgotten! 
Gabe 12-3-09   What a fine friend you were!
Meadow Soprano 3-15-10   I'll never forget you!
Man's Best Friend to the End!  
Other Fine Friends Whom We Loved!
Man's Best Friend - Arlo Gutherie  1996-2008
Patchwork Meadow met with an untimely death 
at 5 months.   Accidents do happen, but why you?   You are missed!   Summer-2010
CH Stoneriver's Next in Line, ML  "Nikki"